Thursday, March 1, 2018

Cool links for 3/1/18

It's March already?!

OK, that means Winter is on it's last legs for the year (I think I may have just accidentally conjured a blizzard/ice storm/slush fest). I'm ready to be warm again.

And as it gets warmer, I begin to think of enjoying a nice crisp cold hard cider. It's the Ultimate Lawnmower Beer (so to speak). Wanna check out the fast-growing world of cider? Here's some good work done by Eric West at his site CiderGuide - I believe it to be a fairly comprehensive listing of every cider fest in North America.

Does anyone know of a well-detailed, chronological, Marvel Comics reading order, starting with Fantastic Four #1? I'm thinking of starting a new reading project...

Next up for me on Netflix:

The thing to buy today - these t-shirts depicting fictional bars from your favorite shows support Feeding America and local food banks:

While you're spending your hard-earned bucks on a worthy cause, why not give the bees a hand by supporting one of these local apiaries. Seriously, we need those little guys to get the job done and keep our overall ecosystem working right.

The weekend's almost here. Enjoy!

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