Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Cool links for 2/28

Oh boy. My head hurts. No one told me vodka and wine and bourbon don't mix well. Still, duty calls.

Today's very quiet post includes:
Mr SKU no longer updates this very comprehensive list but I'm sharing it anyway because it is very comprehensive:
The Complete List of American Whiskey Distilleries & Brands

Here's a 100,000 year old tequila:

I'm not kidding

I like to laugh. This guy made me laugh for decades, and The Larry Sanders Show is still the standard by which I judge all others. Now, Judd Apatow has finished his labor of love. We'll all be able to enjoy it on March 27:
The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling

I lived in Florida twice, California once and surfed one time. I also wore OP shirts in high school constantly. I had checkerboard Vans! I now live in Wisconsin and I like this:
This is my next binge watch:

Ugh. Tired. Bye.

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