Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Stuff, and the acquisition of it

Great post from Robin Brooks over at GeekDad. This question of the acquisition (and dispersal) of stuff was kinda the original theme of ol'ZCB.

read now: On The Acquisition of Stuff

Oh yeah, Zombie Cat Bacon is sharing awesome content from all over the Interwebs here:

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Does collecting still matter?

Why Collecting Matters: 
Citizen Archivists and the Battle for Future Pasts

At a time when markets for used LPs like eBay and Discogs have snuffed the mystery from record shopping, Bob Abrahamian and Patrick Lundborg were the kind of collectors who actively sought out unexplored territory. Over decades of discovery, their lives’ work accumulated meaning that exceeded the value of the vinyl on their shelves — even if those recordswere breathtakingly rare. Their sudden deaths (Abrahamian took his own life at age 35; Lundborg passed away of unspecified causes at 47) this past summer left the record collecting world in mourning. They were important voices, snuffed out too young.
Read here now at Wondering Sound

Thursday, April 23, 2015

20 Places to find ZombieCatBacon Universe content - an update

There hasn't been much activity on any of the ZombieCatBacon blogs since the year began. However, there has been quite a lot of ZombieCatBacon activity elsewhere on the Interwebs. I've been playing with various social media outlets, shared blogging formats, and a number of "pin boards" to share content relevant for each of the "channels" I enjoy writing about or perusing at my leisure.

You can find the various ZCB channels playing at the various locations listed below. (The asterix shows the most active locations for that channel)
The Comicro (comics):
*Facebook page - give us a Like, won't you?
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Gentlemint board - not sure if Gentlemint works for me yet, we'll see
Twitter feed - called Zombie Cat Bacon, but a lot of comic stuff here
*The Escape Goat newsletter - love the way this newsletter compiles content from my favorite sites - sign up today!

SnackyPOP (snacks and drinks) (duh):
*Facebook page - give us a Like, won't you? Please?
*Pinterest board - Follow me! Now!
Tapiture board - Pinterest for guys? Yeah, and not too racy either
Gentlemint board - Gentlemint is chasing Tapiture, I think
Twitter feed - interesting links to new locally made snacks and craft soda news
The Daily R'n'R newsletter - this newsletter is a mix of a lot of stuff, all of it Important - sign up today!

Pulpwear (cool graphics, vintage posters, classic illustration):
Facebook page - The page is newish, and lonely, but you'll always find something cool to see. Give us a Like here too, won't you?
*Pinterest board - Follow me! Love me!
Tapiture board - Pinterest for guys? Also new
Gentlemint board - Gentlemint is chasing Tapiture, I think. And not succeeding.
*Spreadshirt - the Pulpwear shop, with many nifty t-shirts. New designs coming soon!

I'll provide an overview of the other three (United States of Whiskey, BBQHoney and Voyage of the Darned) later this week.

As far as the Mothership goes (ZombieCatBacon), I am toying with developing a central "go-to" point for all this stuff. A ZombieCatBacon nexus of my universe, if you like. I know a Venn diagram of my interests would look rather odd, but judging by the traffic, comments and email I get, I know there are many of you that are drawn in by one thing and discover something else you weren't expecting. And that's the fun part of doing all this stuff. The interaction and engagement I've received over the past year tells me I'm onto something. I just have no idea what that is.


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The fall and fall of the Guardian Project

I love hockey (specifically, the Toronto Maple Leafs).
I love comics (grew up a Marvel Zombie).

So, in October 2010, when the National Hockey League and Marvel Comics' icon Stan Lee announced a joint venture called the Guardian Project, I was as excited as a mature, well-balanced, professional 40-something could be. Well, maybe not "excited". Let's say, "intrigued".

Could this "Guardian Project" be my own personal Reese's Peanut Butter Cup of pop culture?
As the NHL rolled out character after character during the 2010-2011 season leading up to the All-Star game, I thought, "well, there's a few interesting character designs here, but what's the point of all this?" Obviously, it was an effort to attract 9-14 year old kids, that perhaps had not the awareness or appreciation for the greatest sport in the world like I did. The best coverage of the whole thing came from Greg Wyshynski of Puck Daddy fame:

Long story short, the whole thing was a debacle for everyone involved. The NHL gained absolutely nothing except for ridicule, the company that developed the graphic elements, Oxford Metrics Group, took a massive financial hit, and the fans had to endure this:

As late as the summer of 2011, news of the Project still dribbled out but the last news one can find on Google (except for writers using the Project failure as a snarky aside) is from October 2012 in which a Taiwanese businessman announces a partnership with Stan Lee involving the Guardian Project. It's now dead, I assume, hopefully, along with this fellow (and his friends):

The Facebook page and some NHL links still live on, if you feel like looking at the remains.

The Guardian Project: RIP? Hope so.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Zombie Cat, literally

During my hiatus (which ends now, apparently), a little story/meme started making the Internet rounds in late January:

'Bart' The 'Zombie Cat' Claws Its Way Back From The Dead

Hey, copycat (heh), I was here first! Anyway, just like Bart, the Zombie Cat Bacon comblogorate has returned! Not from the dead, but from the near-deadly clutches of chronic laziness.

I really have no excuse. I have tons of material to scribble about on all channels, and I have some nifty new ideas. And, of course, you are all starved for content.

I just need to get off my ass, and off my ass, I am.

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Sunday, January 4, 2015

The "Best" Zombie Cat Bacon bits of 2014

Out of curiosity, I took a look at my blog traffic this past year (he said, weeping), and I thought I'd try doing something no one has ever done before: I'll repost the most popular entries from 2014!

From The United States of Whiskey, you drinkers out there really started to turn on to my state-by-state review of local whiskey scenes, and tops was the first part of California (Northern). The US of W posts will begin again this week, as will most of the others in the ZCB blog family.

The odd, still somewhat undefined art thingy, Pulpwear, hit one (nearly) out of the park with this review of the Big Four of old moldy magazines.

SnackyPOP will see some new developments (maybe as early as tomorrow). The beginnings of the craft soda directory garnered some interest.

BBQHoney will soon see a new addition to the site (stop by next weekend) (the blog, not my house) and see what's what. Til then, here's a nice longread on the Honey Hunters.

The Comicro was all over the place the past few months and very inconsistent. Just like this post from September (but full of cool news and relevant info).

Finally, the Mother Ship, Zombie Cat Bacon, has yet to really find a purpose after the collection was sold. If you'll recall, I started this whole thing to document the dispersal of my beloved yet increasingly cumbersome comic book collection. It took a few months, and then I buried the news of the sale in a mini-rant about Mile High's Chuck Rozanski. But stay tuned - I think I have an idea for good ol' ZCB...

Oh and my travel blog, Voyage of the Darned? Well, yeah, I managed to post a pretty picture on the Internet (that I didn't take).

I'll be trying new stuff in 2015 (like the Daily R'n'R) and I'll continue to struggle with consistency and which social media "works" for me. This thing, the "Internet", is like a big toybox to me, and I don't really know how to best use it, either for good or for evil profit good. But I'm having fun experimenting with it (click here: this post is still a semi-blueprint for my online plans). Let me know how I'm doing, or just say howdy anytime. Thanks for reading!

much much more to come...