Sunday, January 4, 2015

The "Best" Zombie Cat Bacon bits of 2014

Out of curiosity, I took a look at my blog traffic this past year (he said, weeping), and I thought I'd try doing something no one has ever done before: I'll repost the most popular entries from 2014!

From The United States of Whiskey, you drinkers out there really started to turn on to my state-by-state review of local whiskey scenes, and tops was the first part of California (Northern). The US of W posts will begin again this week, as will most of the others in the ZCB blog family.

The odd, still somewhat undefined art thingy, Pulpwear, hit one (nearly) out of the park with this review of the Big Four of old moldy magazines.

SnackyPOP will see some new developments (maybe as early as tomorrow). The beginnings of the craft soda directory garnered some interest.

BBQHoney will soon see a new addition to the site (stop by next weekend) (the blog, not my house) and see what's what. Til then, here's a nice longread on the Honey Hunters.

The Comicro was all over the place the past few months and very inconsistent. Just like this post from September (but full of cool news and relevant info).

Finally, the Mother Ship, Zombie Cat Bacon, has yet to really find a purpose after the collection was sold. If you'll recall, I started this whole thing to document the dispersal of my beloved yet increasingly cumbersome comic book collection. It took a few months, and then I buried the news of the sale in a mini-rant about Mile High's Chuck Rozanski. But stay tuned - I think I have an idea for good ol' ZCB...

Oh and my travel blog, Voyage of the Darned? Well, yeah, I managed to post a pretty picture on the Internet (that I didn't take).

I'll be trying new stuff in 2015 (like the Daily R'n'R) and I'll continue to struggle with consistency and which social media "works" for me. This thing, the "Internet", is like a big toybox to me, and I don't really know how to best use it, either for good or for evil profit good. But I'm having fun experimenting with it (click here: this post is still a semi-blueprint for my online plans). Let me know how I'm doing, or just say howdy anytime. Thanks for reading!

much much more to come...


  1. Alright then, looking forward to your take on the 2015 universe. Just the other day a youngish guy asked my advice at the local. Did I look whiskey'd? It was 10 am for crying out loud. Anyway, I found I rather liked the role and gleefully pointed out my preferences. He left with an armload and a smile and a dented Visa. Very timely that the store had a January special for all things (wait for it) Dickel.