Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Craigslist update again

The previous offer I received a couple of weeks ago ($900) never came through. Fine, it's not the first time, gettin' kinda used to it now...

I went through the entire collection and pulled out a selection of titles to see how they're selling on Ebay. I picked out 72 titles; some new buzzy stuff like Afterlife with Archie and Black Science, and some personal faves like Dreadstar and Starslayer. The results were interesting. Well, to me anyway.

I only recorded the results if the listing was either an exact match for what I had or at least darn close (the listing says issues 1-8 and I have 1-10, something like that).

Recall that this is 15 1/2 long boxes of primarily independent titles, with a smattering of Marvel and DC. So we're talking about 4300 comics (90% bagged and boarded). I'm doing cartwheels in the street if I get $.35 a comic (or $1500). Here's the Craigslist post again (updated):

I discovered the 72 titles, according to Ebay, have sold recently for a collective $2300. These comics fill two long boxes, so it's 550(?) comics.

So if someone offered me my asking price right now and just sold the two preselected boxes on Ebay and achieved 80% of what I discovered, they'd make their money back within 7-10 days (including fees!).

And still have 3,750 comics remaining. And what remains is about 1200 hours worth of some damn good funny book readin'.

Why hasn't it sold yet? Because the collection is not jammed full of X-Spidervengers, that's why. And nearly 100% of the buyers I've dealt with so far only want to flip these books at flea markets, so they need the comics that match up with the general public's mental image of what a comic should be.

One guy offered me $600 sight unseen, and didn't want the list because it's in Excel and he doesn't like Microsoft. OK.

I'll keep trying, though.

By the way, if anyone wants to see the list of titles (which includes links to each of the Ebay results I mentioned), leave a comment and I will send it to you.


  1. Do keep trying . . . that buyer is out there perhaps surfacing as we speak . . .

  2. I discovered that people on craigslist basically...don't really want to pay at all. Basically. Given a more viable immediate alternative, I'd go with that, easily. I sold two comic book collections through craigslist and was ripped off both times. I only went through with both because I needed the money. Crass opportunists...

    1. I recently started selling my comic collection of late 80's to current on ebay, and have scaled back my purchasing. I am curious of which titles you have looked up and what they are selling for. My collection is not full of X Men or Spider man either and I have been pleasantly surprised by what some of them go I guess what I am saying is I am interested in your list. =)

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