Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Indiestarter push

Starting this week, I'm going to pick a new comic-based project on Kickstarter and Indiegogo and give them some ZombieCatBacon(TM) love, and see if I can help move some new creators towards publication, or assist in some other worthy project.

So today on Kickstarter we have this push to Save Kowabunga:

"Kowabunga Comics has been a fixture in the Downtown Oconomowoc community since 2006, when Chris Keefe & Neil Oliver set out to create a clean, family friendly, community oriented, customer service driven, comic book/gaming store.
Now the store is in danger of closing as Chris Keefe is looking to close up shop. It has always been Kowabunga's philosophy that there's no point in having a shop if you can't give back to the community. Kowabunga has worked with the Oconomowoc Library, the Oconomowoc Food Pantry and offered Art Classes not only through the store, but also in many of the local schools. In 2013, Kowabunga helped save the Towne Cinema in the neighboring city of Watertown and assisted Moonlit Movies of Oconomowoc in organizing their huge downtown outdoor movie event, Ocomicon! This is an effort we think is worth carrying forward."
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As I am currently living in Wisconsin, and I like comic book stores, I thought this would be nice to mention. They have a long way to go to hit their goal, so open your wallets and give a bit to these folks, especially if you're in WI and enjoy buying things from real live people.
Next on Indiegogo, there's this somewhat similar project:

Help Phantom Zone Comics Expand!!!

Phantom Zone Comics

These guys in currently in a 145 square foot shop. Wait, what?! Yeah, they need more room. There's 42 days left but don't just sit there. Continue to sit there and click on the link!

Retailing is a tough biz, so do what you can to support small operations like those above, or heck, you could do the same with your local shop too. Don't know where to find one? Click on this:

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That is all for today.


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