Monday, June 2, 2014

A bonus post!

I just had to link to this interesting interview from Collector's Weekly (why am I just finding this now?). Lisa Hix talks to Simon Reynolds about our increasingly retro society here. A taste of the interview below (emphasis mine):

Reynolds: I collect recordsbooks, and music magazines. It can be very expensive, and I end up with a house full of these moldy, decaying music magazines. But they’re useful because my other books are more historical than they are polemical, unlike, “Retromania.” Music magazines are just invaluable because they give you a real sense of the era. You have the record company adverts. You have pieces on bands that no one remembers. They’re all part of the grist of that time, part of the mulch out of which the legendary bands emerged. The gossip items, news items, even the way the typography in these magazines look—it all helps you understand the context a band was operating in. Plus, old music magazines are just fun to have and look at. But it is ruinous obsession to develop in terms of living space and, essentially, money.
Check it out on YouTube

And Travel + Leisure (!) pops this ranking into the Intersphere:

America's Best Comic Book Shops


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