Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Cool links for today

OK, yesterday's email seemed to go OK. Hundreds of you read it - thanks! And, hey, I don't mind at all if you pass this along to anyone else interested in random bite-sized bits of information. Don't be afraid to share via email or social. I like doing this kind of stuff, and if people are reading it, I'll keep doing it.

So, for the foreseeable future, I'll pass on some more stuff that's worth checking out...

Drinking in the street - who doesn't love it (and don't you feel like you're getting away with something you shouldn't be doing?)

Anyway, here's a good list for anyone in the 50 states looking to make their drinking-in-the-street plans ahead of time:
The Drinking Festival in Every State You Don’t Want to Miss

Gotta eat, right? Use this excellent BBQ sauce from Wisconsin:

This is NOT a paid endorsement - it's just tasty.

Speaking of booze, if you're looking for a good gin that won't break the bank, try this one:

While enjoying some Beehive & tonic. plant yourself on the couch for the next few days/weeks/months and get set to watch all eleventy jillion hours of the shows on this list:

I'm excited for Silicon Valley, myself. But geez...so much TV.

Here's a randomly chosen pulp magazine cover! It's awesome.

Bye for now!

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