Wednesday, March 28, 2018

All blogs go to heaven Part VIII

The Fractal Hall Journal - all gone now.

The Thom Zahler Weblog - Formerly a Wordpress site and now on Squarespace. Thom's probably best known for Love and Capes and is still very active. Start here.

Renderwrx Productions - Website is gone, and no posts on Facebook for over four years. I guess that's it, unless I hear otherwise...

Cover Date Chronology - Chrono nomo.

The Hero Foundry's MySpace Blog - Forget the MySpace thing, obvs. There is a Hero Foundry FB page, but it's all Twitch & Overwatch related. Don't care at all, even if it is the same people from the old blog.

The Greatest Cartoonist Of All Time! - Mr. Kyle Baker has resumed blogging at this site this month! Welcome back, Kyle!

Loose Cruse - This site opens the door to Howard's world, which was most recently updated in February. Check it out.

The Time Warp Times - Time's up.

Los Monitos de Ramos - Humberto Ramos is using social media now, primarily Twitter and Instagram.

Inkstuds - This long-running podcast site is full of interviews with the greatest names in Indy and Underground comics; the most recent coming in January.

Cool Links tomorrow? We'll see...

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