Thursday, March 22, 2018

Welcome to ZCB, new people!

A surge in readership over the past week compels me to say "Hi!" to all you newbies. Come on in, have a seat, pour yourself a strong one. Luncheon will be served on the lenai after the floor show.

Zombie Cat Bacon is a lot of things. A blog, yes, but also a place where we can cut through the white noise of the internet and read about the interesting, fun or otherwise nifty world around us. ZCB uses Facebook and Twitter, but over time, most of the ZCB content will be found here (here's why). So subscribe today. Our operators are standing by.

Lately, ZCB has been doing a run through a series of old comic book blogs. While the content of these blogs may not interest (most of) you, it has been interesting to see the results so far. A lot have just died as the writer has lost momentum or, as has happened to ZCB occasionally, life gets in the way. Many have moved to platforms such as Facebook/Twitter, others have gone podcast only. A few have gone "pro"; either absorbed by larger entities that can fund such efforts or become so popular that the blog has become an online commercial enterprise unto itself (this is rare). The massive adoption of platforms has changed the internet profoundly, and in many ways, not for the better.

At least weekly, Cool Links will be shared via this blog. These posts seem to be the popular kids in the room, and there's always good compelling stuff to share and read. Never politics, never serious, always Cool. Like Fonzie Cool.

So stick around, and scroll through old posts if you wish, either here or on Zuck's teetering colossus.

Have a great weekend!

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