Friday, April 20, 2018

All blogs go to heaven Part XIII


Cerebus: A Diablog - Oh, yes, Cerebus. One of the great loves of my so-called comic reading life. It had its ups and downs, its controversies, it is an Universe unto itself, and should be read by anyone interested in the medium. This issue by issue overview of the series was written by two shining lights of the comic world of the past 20 years, Laura Hudson (now at The Verge) and Leigh Walton (still with Top Shelf). They got to issue #11 before life got in the way and took them from this project. Please come back.

Fortress Of Fortitude - It only exists in the form of a post saying goodbye (plus the archives have been deleted, and the Twitter account mentioned in that post is gone too). That's all, folks.

The Annotated Flash Rebirth - Three posts in three months, then ran away.

Dick Hyacinth's One-stop Hyphen Shop - I think DH is the DB Cooper of the comic blogging world. He (?) was prominent and prolific, then just...gone.

Spoilt! - From 2005-08, this was a popular site for DC story line spoilers. Died in early 2009.


The Ameliaverse - Jimmy Gownley doesn't use this blog anymore, but he's out there in many places. This is a good article about the challenges of publishing Amelia Rules. Also, check out Kids Love Comics (though not sure if it's been active in 2018).

The Seahorse - Jill Thompson is now at the International School of Comics in Chicago.

The Comic Book - This Nickelodeon Spongeblog was managed by Dave Roman and Chris Duffy. Most recently, Dave's site, Yaytime, Happy Birthday'd Chris. Both are twittering here and here.

The Blog of Gene Luen Yang - Gene is right here (website) and here (Twitter). The blog has been retired, as he moved onto more modern techniques of communication.

Precocious Curmudgeon - Not sure where David Welsh went after ditching the blog and moving to Manga Bookshelf...

As always, I'd love to hear from any of the bloggers mentioned in these posts regarding whereabouts, projects and other intimate personal information.

(* Permanote: I'm using Comicblogupdates (CBU) and Update-A-Tron (UAT) to facilitate this project. Quite a few of the links on these two sites rely on RSS/feeds. Some sites are still there; the provided link is just defunct)

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