Monday, April 2, 2018

All blogs go to heaven Part IX


Okazu - Okazu is "the world's oldest and most comprehensive blog on lesbian-themed Japanese cartoons, comics and related media". Erica's blog is still going strong, but the link provided on CBU is old - go here for constant updates and posts. Support them on Patreon while yer at it.

Comic Pants - Randy Lander is a well-known voice in comics as a blogger and as a retailer. After the demise of the Fourth Rail (one of the blogs responsible for my return to comics after a decade away), he started Comic Pants, which, alas, is gone too. Randy isn't though - he kicked cancer's ass and can be found on his personal blog Inside Joke Theater.

Journalista - This is where we started our journey. Dirk Deppey can be found here.

immonen illustrations - This Tumblr site seems to be a placeholder for contact info should you need to do that. That's about it.

Photon Torpedoes - All gone.


Mike Kunkel's Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam! Blog - Ok, let's see if we can get the timeline right on this one. Mike is best known for the wonderful Herobear and the Kid series which began in 1999. In 2008, he landed the Billy Batson mini-series gig for DC, and blogged about it at this blog. Meanwhile, he started his own studio, Astonish Factory, and began blogging over there until 2014 when Astonish established it's own online presence. However, no news since 2016. I'll check on him...

Gad, Sir! Comics! - In March 2007, Steve Flanagan started blogging like a crazy person. In March 2008, he stopped. 282 posts in 354 days.

Michael T Gilbert Journal - Famous for Mr. Monster, MTG's blog is gone. He has a Facebook page on which people thank him for "friending" them, but I don't see any recent posts.

one diverse comic book nation - I think this was Loren Javier's blog. Checking on Twitter...UPDATE: Loren's twittering

STUDYGROUP - Zack, Milo and the gang are still studying right here. If you're into independent, alternative and mini-comics, go check it out.

(* Permanote: I'm using Comicblogupdates and Update-A-Tron to facilitate this project. Quite a few of the links on these two sites rely on RSS/feeds. Some sites are still there; the provided link is just defunct)

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