Wednesday, April 18, 2018

All blogs go to heaven Part XII


Dad Blogs Comics - No he doesn't. According to CBU, the last post was nine years ago. Blog is gone.

( - Dorian Wright's blog seems to have ceased. His last pmb message was a Free Comic Book Day '17 overview. He's on Facebook and Twitter but not very publicly. Oh well, that was a solid 10+ years of blogging, regardless.

Views From The Longbox Version 2.0 - After nearly a year of no activity. VFTL announced a new podcast episode yesterday! Michael Bailey is active on Twitter too. Welcome back!

What Were They Thinking?! - Started in the Golden Age of Blogging (2005), but by mid-2011, posts had slowed to a trickle, and nothing since December 2014 with a Flash episode recap. However, Mordechai Luchins is now writing for GeekDad and twittering frequently.

The Comic Addiction: the Podcast - The original site seems to have been hijacked. I think Chris Parton is now at and released a new podcast episode last month.


Stephen DeStefano - Stephen's blog kinda petered out by 2008, and by 2010, he'd moved to the Two-Headed Beast (Facebook & Twitter). Plus Tumblr!

Schulz Library/CCS - Moved to the Center for Comic Studies site here in 2010.

SLG: Better Comics Through Superior Firepower - This was the Slave Labor Graphics blog. Not sure what the status is of that very progressive comics publisher now. You can find Dan Vado around the 'nets (Twitter, etc.) but nothing too recent. Is APE 2018 going to happen? Is Dan still involved? So many questions...

The Roar of Comics - Blogged hot'n'heavy in 2006-07, then done by 2010. Steven Padnick is other places though, like Twitter and Tumblr.

Scott Saavedra's Comic Book Heaven - This blog is dead (I think it was a magazine too) but you can find all things Saavedra at his site. He's also working with TwoMorrows Publishing.

As always, I'd love to hear from any of the bloggers mentioned in these posts regarding whereabouts, projects and other intimate personal information.

(* Permanote: I'm using Comicblogupdates (CBU) and Update-A-Tron (UAT) to facilitate this project. Quite a few of the links on these two sites rely on RSS/feeds. Some sites are still there; the provided link is just defunct)


  1. Dorian should have a 2018 FCBD preview up this year!

  2. Oh, and Comic Book Heaven was definitely a digest-sized 'zine...I have every issue!