Wednesday, June 6, 2018

T-shirt of the week

New thing announcement...

I'm going to highlight a t-shirt every week, chosen by it's connection to something I love. Could be food, booze, TV, comics, sports, obscure/defunct corporate logos, anything really.

I was just reading an article about barbecuing pork featuring Chris Lilly, the pitmaster at Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q, a Decatur, Alabama institution I have had the honor of visiting a while ago.

I like this shirt

I receive NO compensation for highlighting this product. If this link results in a mad rush to buy apparel from Big Bob, and Big Bob realizes I am the Bringer of Apparel Revenue, and wants to share his new found bounty with your humble reporter, I won't say no. And I'll let you know if he does. Cuz that'd be cool.

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