Friday, June 15, 2018

All Blogs Go To Heaven Part XV (and T-Shirt of The Week)

More bloggity bloggity...

I've been visiting old comic blogs to see what's still alive and where everybody went. Some are still going, some are dead dead dead and some have evolved into a Big Deal.

I've been using Comicblogupdates (CBU) and Update-A-Tron (UAT) to facilitate this project. (Quite a few of the links on these two sites rely on RSS/feeds. Some sites are still there; the provided link is just defunct)


Dollar Bin Blues - moved to Blogger in 2011 but by early 2012 it ended. Jamie Rosen is still on Twitter occasionally.

Cover Date Chronology - Chrono Nomo II

Comics Comics - I was positive I'd covered this one. But looking back, I guess I hadn't. Weird. It feels like I did. Anyway, this site was a big one for me. Check out this Murderers Row of contributors:
T. Hodler
Dan Nadel
Frank Santoro

Dash Shaw
Jason T. Miles
Jeet Heer
Joe McCulloch
Nicole Rudick

About seven years ago, most of this crew took over the Comics Journal online. I will check to see where each of these fine comic folk are now, later.

The Want List - In 2007-08 Foldedsoup blogged and blogged and blogged some more. The blogging started drying up by 2009. Marriage fatally struck this blog down on 1/1/11.

Twilight Guardian - I really enjoyed Troy Hickman's Common Grounds back in 2004. This blog was devoted to his next project, Twilight Guardian. TG came out in 2011. Really not sure what Troy's up to now, though he does have Twitter.


According To Me - Christopher Priest moved his blog over to Wordpress. Believe it or not, he's still somewhat active on it.

Looking To The Stars - "Starman" has been blogging nearly every day for nearly a decade, but he's now at My Geeky Geeky Ways. Each post (either TV recaps or comic reviews) are lengthy and detailed. So far in this project, I've come across very few blogs with this quantity of content. Good job.

When Fangirls Attack - WFA was a big deal back in the mid-oughts. By August of 2011, it just stopped.

Random Longbox - TomO reviewed random comics from his big ol' comic collection, and blogged about until 2011.

Nedor A Day/Ragmop/Boxburning - These are three separate blogs. All lived briefly and then died in 2011, about the time Facebook started to grow exponentially and consume the world.

Oh yeah, this too...

T-Shirt of The Week

It made me giggle.

Have a weekend.

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