Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A new era for ZCB. Also, goat carcass games

The new ZCB newsletter is now available via Tiny Letter: 

ZCB Facebook is still a thing, as is ZCB Twitter. Just Google it.

How about this for a T-shirt of the Day?
What's Buzkashi, you ask? Let Seanbaby tell you: http://www.seanbaby.com/news/buzkashi.htm

Oh, and there's a World Championship, too: http://www.expo2017culture.kz/en/event/view?id=356

Also known as Kokpar, it is one of the most popular Kazakh games.

I prefer the name Fight for Goat Carcass.

That is all.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Stuff, and the acquisition of it

Great post from Robin Brooks over at GeekDad. This question of the acquisition (and dispersal) of stuff was kinda the original theme of ol'ZCB.

read now: On The Acquisition of Stuff

Oh yeah, Zombie Cat Bacon is sharing awesome content from all over the Interwebs here:

Twitter - Twitter also posts the various newsletters from the ZCB Universe: United States of Whiskey (focusing on craft bourbon and whiskey trends), WOMMAN (women's MMA news), Rock Is Alive (real rock'n'roll from the 70's to now), and The Escape Goat (comics news).

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Does collecting still matter?

Why Collecting Matters: 
Citizen Archivists and the Battle for Future Pasts

At a time when markets for used LPs like eBay and Discogs have snuffed the mystery from record shopping, Bob Abrahamian and Patrick Lundborg were the kind of collectors who actively sought out unexplored territory. Over decades of discovery, their lives’ work accumulated meaning that exceeded the value of the vinyl on their shelves — even if those recordswere breathtakingly rare. Their sudden deaths (Abrahamian took his own life at age 35; Lundborg passed away of unspecified causes at 47) this past summer left the record collecting world in mourning. They were important voices, snuffed out too young.
Read here now at Wondering Sound

Thursday, April 23, 2015

20 Places to find ZombieCatBacon Universe content - an update

There hasn't been much activity on any of the ZombieCatBacon blogs since the year began. However, there has been quite a lot of ZombieCatBacon activity elsewhere on the Interwebs. I've been playing with various social media outlets, shared blogging formats, and a number of "pin boards" to share content relevant for each of the "channels" I enjoy writing about or perusing at my leisure.

You can find the various ZCB channels playing at the various locations listed below. (The asterix shows the most active locations for that channel)
The Comicro (comics):
*Facebook page - give us a Like, won't you?
Pinterest board - Follow me!
Tapiture board - Pinterest for guys?
Gentlemint board - not sure if Gentlemint works for me yet, we'll see
Twitter feed - called Zombie Cat Bacon, but a lot of comic stuff here
*The Escape Goat newsletter - love the way this newsletter compiles content from my favorite sites - sign up today!

SnackyPOP (snacks and drinks) (duh):
*Facebook page - give us a Like, won't you? Please?
*Pinterest board - Follow me! Now!
Tapiture board - Pinterest for guys? Yeah, and not too racy either
Gentlemint board - Gentlemint is chasing Tapiture, I think
Twitter feed - interesting links to new locally made snacks and craft soda news
The Daily R'n'R newsletter - this newsletter is a mix of a lot of stuff, all of it Important - sign up today!

Pulpwear (cool graphics, vintage posters, classic illustration):
Facebook page - The page is newish, and lonely, but you'll always find something cool to see. Give us a Like here too, won't you?
*Pinterest board - Follow me! Love me!
Tapiture board - Pinterest for guys? Also new
Gentlemint board - Gentlemint is chasing Tapiture, I think. And not succeeding.
*Spreadshirt - the Pulpwear shop, with many nifty t-shirts. New designs coming soon!

I'll provide an overview of the other three (United States of Whiskey, BBQHoney and Voyage of the Darned) later this week.

As far as the Mothership goes (ZombieCatBacon), I am toying with developing a central "go-to" point for all this stuff. A ZombieCatBacon nexus of my universe, if you like. I know a Venn diagram of my interests would look rather odd, but judging by the traffic, comments and email I get, I know there are many of you that are drawn in by one thing and discover something else you weren't expecting. And that's the fun part of doing all this stuff. The interaction and engagement I've received over the past year tells me I'm onto something. I just have no idea what that is.