Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Updates!

recap for a Friday:

On Monday, snackyPOP asked "what's the deal with high fructose corn syrup?" And homemade bread, too!

Tuesday, Pulpwear showed pretty pictures! The Big Four pulp magazines from yer great grand pappy's time (which I'm sure he hid under the bed from Great Grandmama) routinely featured gorgeous painted covers to stand out on the incredibly crowded newstand of the day. Go look and be pleased.

Midweek, The Comicro shone a spotlight on some micropress news and CONtroversy (heh) - go now you'll see...

Yesterday, we began our boozy journey across the US of A with the US of W. Beginning in Bama, and travelling alphabetically (?!), we'll try to discover what's new and interesting in bourbon.

And here's a video of koalas arguing:


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